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house of horrors. >> based on the facts i actually intend to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault, all his attempted murders and each act of aggravated murder he committed by terminating pregnancies. >> craig melvin has been reporting from cleveland joining me. so craig, the big news is the fact that the dna testing reveals that ariel castro is the father of amanda beurea bury's 6-year-old xhimd. >> she's six now, but this is the same young girl who was born in a pool at the house and this is also the same little girl who has she was being born according to police reports ariel castro basically stood over the birthing process and had
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michelle knight help deliver that baby in a plastic pool and said if anything happens to this baby, you're dead. so we got the paternity testing. we also got the dna testing and it's important because they took ariel castro's dna and compared to a database just to see if he was connected to any other missing persons cases in ohio. results came back from that negative at this point. so it does that look like he's connected to any other missing person he's cases. however, they take the same dn after t a and compare to a national database.a and compare to a national database. take a look behind me. there is a little bit of activity happening right now at the castro home. this is the first activity that we have seen today. it appears as if they are starting to remove some of the guardrailing from in front of the home. we were told yesterday that at some point over the next few days they are going to start erecting a 10 to 12-foot fence
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around that house. we're told that could start as early as this week. now, let's talk about the three young ladies. we know that two of them are out, they have been reunited with their family. and we spent some time yesterday talking to a family member of one of those young girls, michelle dejesus, a cousin, talking about what it's been like, what she was like just moments after returning home. take a listen. >> got up to give me her hand and i just kissed her hand and there was -- she was really, really underweight, you know, and you could tell there was a lot of suffering. >> reporter: that was jena gina dejesus' cousin. michelle knight was the first one captured. she's still in the hospital.
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listed in good condition at last check. >> there are no press conferences for today, but explain the details emerging out of the police interrogation and it's basically confirming what people have assumed is that the personality of ariel castro is very self-serving and someone of a deviant mindset. >> reporter: yeah, our affiliate here in cleveland wkyc started reporting on that initial interrogation yesterday. in that interrogation, castro telling police among other things that he was addicted to sex. that he was cold blooded. he also said that these were crimes not so much crimes that were planned out, these were crimes of opportunity, if you will, and blaming the young girls for getting into a car with stranger, all that coming out during the interrogation. keep in mind there is also --
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there was also that suicide level that doubles as somewhat of a confession, as well. in that note dated 2004, according to a police source respect castro talks about being abused as a child, also spends time in that note providing police with some additional evidence, as well. so police have said that there is in their words a great deal of evidence that they have that they will be using. and it will go before the grand jury in the next 30 days and that's when we can expect to hear a plea from ariel castro. >> craig medical vib repolvin r cleveland. i want to bring in wendy murphy, former prosecutor. great to have you where me this morning. confirmation fromriel castro is
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of that child, the little girl of amanda berry. as we've learned from the testimony of the victims living there, born in a kiddy pool to try to contain the mess. michelle knight had to make sure nothing happened to that child, having to reform mouth to mouth resuscitation. the details that are coming out, it's just mind blowing. but where does it go from here where now that we have more facts coming forward for how the prosecutors can go ahead and charge ariel castro with more than what i know you have said seemed woefully insufficient the first time out. >> oh, yeah. thomas, the charges sounded so inadequate, but quickly the prosecutors explained that those were just charges to hold the guy. that when the grand jury hears the evidence, and there will be a ton of it, there could be
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thousands of charges brought against this man because there is a commitment now, the prosecutor has said, that every single incident of rape and sexual violence will be charged as a separate incident and we know they were there for ten years, three different women, that is potentially thousands of charges. this guy will never walk free again and may even face the death penalty. interestingly enough under ohio law, if he caused the death of an unborn fetus as young as one day old into conception, that is a homicide charge. that also carries the potential for the death penalty. and whether or not it's an appropriate end game here, what's important is that this prosecutor wants to put on the table the maximum opportunity for the most severe punishment because it almost seems like even the death penalty is not tough enough for what this man has done. >> when we talk about fetal homicide, again, there is enough sufficient evidence so far for the charging and holding of him
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and as you point out prosecutors want to come forward with more, but is it a difficult prospect to go ahead to try to put forth charges of fetal homicide and proving those in a court of law? >> i don't think that the charge itself will be difficult to prove because the victims' testimony is enough. if she says i was pregnant, he beat me and then i had a miscarriage, that's sufficient. you don't need so to speak a dead fetus just like you don't need the dead body to prove a regular homicide. so i think it's going to be an easy case to prove. whether it will suffice to justify the death penalty is another question. and to my estimation, it is at least an interesting constitutional question will the supreme court of the united states ultimately agree because they have never said that it's cruel and in addition or is it constitutionally appropriate to give someone the death penalty for the killing of an unborn child. it's an open question at this point.
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another interesting issue now that we know that this man is the father of the child born in captivity, in ohio like in many states, he has parental rights to that child on par with any other decent father's rights and he doesn't lose those parental rights unless and up ntil he is guilty or pleads guilty to the crime of rape. >> w >> wendy, thanks so much for being here. i briefed her on the developments . >> yet two days later, secretary clinton and others blamed protesters. >> could playing politics with benghazi backfire? our panel will weigh in on in a next. and miracle. a survivor pulled from the rubble 17 days after an 8 story building collapsed in bangladesh. the incredible story of how she was able to make it out alive.
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the benghazi scandal, new attack against former secretary of state hillary clinton, unlikely ally? how the more man church may have helped the fight for marriage equality. and then women and technology, a new effort to show how women are blazing the trail. those are today's topics for our panel. they join me now. it's great to have you all here. i want to start with the new ad
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out for american cross roads targeting hillary clinton. a lot of people wondering how it will play out as we go forward potentially smearing clinton or could it backfire. take a look. >> a 22 year diplomatic veteran intimidated for dare to go blin the whistle. why did she blame a video? >> so this is a web ad. we don't know if they have plans to buy tv airwaves. i want to show the full screen of the huffington "post". they put the side by side of stop her with the pictures of hillary clinton and a grimacing cheney right there. basically suggested that they may need to subpoena the former secretary of state to get more answers. how is this even possible that dick cheney could come forward and try to suggest that secretary of state hillary clinton should be subpoenaed?
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>> i'm not sure how it's possibles but i definite any know why they're doing it. hillary clinton at the moment is the person most likely to be the democratic nominee for president and if she is, she stands a very good chance of winning. and i think republicans are preemptively beginning to attack her and are generating scandals again in order to tar her. and this is a couple of scandals over the last four years that republicans have tried to push. there is "fast and furious," several others. and there is a real demand for scandals among the conservative base. and benghazi is another attempt to satisfy that demand. despite the fact there is no real evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the administration. >> you have an article that's part of the gop saying while they have the demand, there really isn't the supply to go along with it. darrell issa pledged to uncover the assumed misconduct and corruption of the administration
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a two years later we're still waiting for that evidence. the fact that secretary clinton has already testified, what do you think the odds are that mr. might there might be the energy to pull off a subpoena to get her back? >> i think the energy is there. as clinton becomes more and more likely to be someone who might be running for president, i think the energy will build. and i think that if next year comes, if 2515 comes and clinton is declared, then you'll see an immense amount of energy trying to get her subpoenaed.15 comes is declared, then you'll see an immense amount of energy trying to get her subpoenaed.015 comesn is declared, then you'll see an immense amount of energy trying to get her subpoenaed. >> speaking of energy, i want to shift gears and talk about the energy that we've seen this week, the positive energy that's gone behind marriage equality with delaware becoming another state that will now enact marriage equality, minnesota moving forward. monica, let's talk about this
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because there is an article out that examines whe s where the m religion basically ensured the victimer to by just getting out of the way. explain what you mean by that. >> this is one of those good news stories that we probably really need on a day like this with the news that you started this show with. and it's that a lot of this progress came about because the mormon church used to be a major factor in blocking progress on marriage equality going all the way back to the '90s and then of course prop 8 in california. and exceptionally what happened after the prop 8 fight is that families in the church got together and went to the leadership and said this position that you're taking is asking us to choose between our children and our faith. we have a really high suicide rate in utah among gay teens. this is destroying our families and it has to stop.
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and it wasn't just that factor, it was probably also that the leadership made a political calculus that where they were on this issue was not going to help mitt romney and other candidates, but ultimately they got out of this business and that sort of opened the barn door. >> i want to show this because there is a church of the christ explaining the new stance on marriage equality and they are a division of the mormon church. they recommend sacrament of marriage be extended where legal to persons of the same sex and gender. conference recommends a change to the current policy for the usa on the sacrament of marriage. as you brought up the fact that prop 8 is before the supreme court right now, i mean, if we look at this through the reverse lens, it could be because the mormons funneled so much money into california then, they could ultimately be responsible for unlocking the entire country if we get a straight up or down vote from the supreme court at the end of june. >> and that's not to discount the fact that there was a lot of
8:18 am
other stuff behind this. there was an incredible amount of energy and people coming out to their families and people standing up in public. and cultural change, demographic change. but these kind of behind the scenes institutional changes we often don't see. and it's interesting to speculate about what that might mean if the catholic church one day were to change its position on some of the issues that they're really involved in. >> you might be jumping way ahead on that one if we're taking about the catholics coming around, but we'll wait and see on that. i want to jump what we witnessed on forbes today and the interesting piece about women and technology and the leaps being made. it said show respect for the innovating women reshaping technology and entrepreneurship. did you know the venture backed firms led by women are less likely to fail and produce higher returns than the ones run by men. so this is one for the ladies, right? women are basically taking the lead on where we're going as a country technology-wise and through their own leadership
8:19 am
roles. >> yes and no. yes in the sense that women are really maximizing value and just to sort of circle back to politics that pertain to this, alec ross, formerly director of innovation for the state department, gave a speech last week where he talked about the u.s. gdp would be 9% higher if women were really empowered in the workplace overall. and what i talked about was the technology workplace. only 3% of tech firms are run by women, but women run firms have this incredible track record and also there is all these companies that have all male boards. it's 2013. and they get lower returns than boards that are gender integrated. so it's somewhat shocking that in 2013 we're still talking about gender integrating the world of technology, but we are. and as a contributor to the root, i talk a lot about racial
8:20 am
integrati integration. but we're still as a country forming ourselves. >> how are we doing with young girss? because there's been a long time the fact that young girls are not interested this math and science and we've worked as a country or attempted to flip the script on that. to prove that is a misconception, almost a stigma against young women being interested. >> it's not that young women aren't interested, but there is so much peer pressure. and in the arm, i talk to a woman working on the innovating women project which is both and online platform and a book project i'm working on, and women are telling the most incredible stories like one woman who we quote got called a lesbian in high school for going to a coding camp. it was assumed if she wanted to learn about computers, she must be a less bee bian. she said lesbian is not a slur, and, b, what did you learn at football camp. she handled it really in a cool way.
8:21 am
but a lot of kids when faced by peer pressure and girls trying to go into the science, technology and math fields just give up. and so what we really need to do is build a pipeline and that's what we're talk about with innovating women. >> all right. our pan he, thaepanel, thanks s this friday. have a great weekend, everybody. so still ahead, remarkable story of rescue. wait until you see this. a woman found alive 17 days after the factory collapse in bangladesh. how did she make it out. s also a chance to speak with aviva drescher from real housewives. she uses it as a platform what it's like to live as an amputee. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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a miracle coming out of the rubble in bangladesh. a woman pulled out alive today and she's in shockingly good condition right now at a local hospital. she spoke to a tv station saying that she could hear the rescuers for the past several days. joining me is jim maceda in london. what more do we know about how she survived for the past two weeks? >> really an amazing story. this morning it was actually the recovery workers who stopped in their tracks when one of them heard faint cries for help and under the debris saw a female waving her hand. the workers then frantically cut through rods and bricks, they had saws and drilling equipment to do that. and soon after wearing a purple scarf, could you see live video of the woman being pulled from the rubble and rushed off to a
8:26 am
military hospital. she was described as being in a mazing shape in fact she could even walk at the hospital after given some basic nutrition. only this morning the death toll passed the 1,000 mark and there are still hundreds of bodies believed to be buried in that rubble. of course there have been other miracle survivors, you'll call the miracle babies pulled out of the mexico city earthquake rubble which i covered back in 1985, the man who survived a month with no food after the haiti earthquake three years ago. like him, it turns out that reshma found a source of water. she actually pooled and drank, get this, from fireman's hoses used to put out a related fire at the site. as you say, it's day 17, amazing 17, since the collapse of that illegally built garment factory. meanwhile nine officials have been arrested in connection with this disaster, including the
8:27 am
building's owner. but today certainly all thoughts are with reshma, happy news that so many managed to survive. >> jim maceda, nice to see you. thanks so much. still ahead, the boston marathon bombing, what's coming next in the steps as lawmakers seek to answer bigger questions like could this have been prevented. congresswoman sheila jackson lee will be here. and then 1776 feet, we'll show you the moment of the already iconic world trade one finally hitting its full symbolic height. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer sweeper, and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.
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8:31 am
leveled this. >> why didn't they involve local law enforcers who could have stayed on this case and picked up signals from some of the students who interacted with them, from the people in the mosque who threw out tamerlan because he was such an extremi t extremist, or seen the videos that he posted when he came back from dagestan that could have prevented all this from happening. >> meantime there is a new report in the "new york times" including interviews with several of tamerlan tsarnaev's contacts in russia and the piece boosts suspicions that he may have adopted his cad cal views during his six month trip there last year. joining me congresswoman sheila jackson lee. nice to have you with me this morning. and let's talk about specifically where you think there might have been missteps by our federal government. could as some are leveling these attacks as former senator joe lieberman contends have been
8:32 am
prevented? >> first of all, whenever i speak about this issue as i did in the committee hearing yesterday, i pause for a moment for all of us to acknowledge that we lost four brave souls on that day and wounded and injured so many others that are still suffering. and we must continue to think about them and their families. that's what securing the homeland is all about. and i think the point that i made and as i questioned senator lieberman on this very line of questioning is that we acknowledge the great been done and still ongoing by federal, state and local officials. we'd be remiss not to say that. >> but when you talk about the investigative work, though, congresswoman, when we talk about that because as we reference the "new york times" report, it includes more speculation that tamerlan may have picked up more radical views during his visit overseas to russia. so does this change the way we need to look at how we are getting proper intelligence
8:33 am
information from other countries especially if they're not exactly our allies? >> as i was saying, as i questioned senator lieberman and you have a very pointed question, thomas, and as i questioned him, i acknowledged governor patrick and the president, but what i concluded as i questioned him is that the immediate notice that this individual had gone to russia and that the notice came from russia, even though it was not clear, it was not more detailed, yes, i believe that the regional office should have contacted the local authorities because more eyes and ears on this matter would have been helpful. it's important to take note, we have different laws, responsibilities, and if you will commitments to democracy, liberty and freedom under our
8:34 am
constitution. but in this instance, i do believe there was a gap. and as a member that was on this committee, at the dust and recovery stage of the 9/11 tragedy being reminded of standing on the steps of the united states congress and singing merks the beautifameric god bless america, that we would not be undermined, i'm saddened and i believe we have to do better. we have to be more attentive and sensitive to the information that we receive, we have to engage our local and state officials. that is what the fusion center is about. that is what the joint centers for terrorism is about. that is what we must do. and i believe we have to do it better, we have to fix this. that's what i said in the hearing. we have to fix this. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, always great to have you on. thanks for your time. >> thank you. so in thenin the 23 days si
8:35 am
boston bombing, there is hope for so many.7-year-old sister of 8-year-old martin, the little boy killed in the bombing, just underwent her 11th surgery as she prepares to receive an artificial leg. and who can forget this picture showing the double amputee. but take a look at these incredible pictures of him now at a recent bruins game. he's one of 15 to 20 victims now adjusting to a different life one day at a time, but with support from those who know firsthand what they're going through. and joining me is a co-star of the real housewives of new york. maybe you've seen her there, but she uses the show as a way to promote what it's like to live as an amputee herself, discussing the charity work and breaking the stigma. you were 6 when you were in a farming accident. you had your foot amputated above the ankle. and as an adult in your mid-20s, you elected to have a larger
8:36 am
surgery. explain what it was like for you as a child growing up and then to elect to have a larger more significant piece of your leg taken away. >> well, as a child, i was sort of like an animal just trying to survive and trying to fit in. i didn't even know really what happened to me. it just happened and i had to adapt to it. at 26, because of skin issues and infections, i electively chose to amputate the leg and do what's called a bka, below the knee amputation, which many of the survivors of the marathon bombing have had to undergo, which actually set me free. it allowed for a beautiful process the prothesis. >> the show, there are points of it where you're breaking stigma, you're showing how you enjoy sports, how you do all that. and i know you recently went to boston to meet with some of the
8:37 am
people that suffered, heather abbott like you had to elect to have the same surgery. so what were you able to tell her? because you grew up, you had a lot of years to figure out what it's like to deal with this. for these people, it's a new normal. g . >> it is. and i hope to give them a great short cut to get to the new normal. i told heather that she made the right decision because it was her choice and that she should never ever look back and second guess that decision because i know how hard the other side is, to have a mangled leg that you can't really use. and she asked me specific questions, you know, do you shower with the leg on or off, do you sleep with the leg on or off, what do you tell dates when you meet them. can you wear heels. you can wear flats, you can run. and all of those things you can do and do well. and i was answering so many
8:38 am
intimate detailed questions that weren't answered before i had gotten there because most of the amputees who had visited the survivors were men. and they were unable to answer certain sensitive female questions. >> when you talk about the physical rehabilitative process for some of them because i'm sure that was some of their questioning to you, again you had many years growing up as a child going through this process. but what were some of the questions especially when you were able to witness maybe where they are emotionally about what this means and the investment that they need to make to really get back into living full and productive lives? >> well, right now i acknowledged that it's a very scary and anxious time and that's perfectly normal and u d understandab understandable. but in time as they get more confident with their amputee status and physically take steps and become walking normal individuals like two legged people, that they would
8:39 am
emotionally feel i hope like i do, which is that wearing a prosthetic leg is like wearing glasses. and as time goes on, their confidence will increase and they will live functional normal lives. >> there were military members that have gone -- i know with you going as well, you help to provide them a new hope. and that's really great. so congratulations for the work that you're doing. it's so great. and the pictures that you had with them, it's really nice to see how well they're all doing. always nice to see you. thanks. still ahead, my conversation with ariel castro's former brother-in-law, what he said about his own reaction to the being accusations. and do you agree with prosecutors and their decision to possibly seek murder charges against ariel castro? weigh in on takes book or twitter. cold feels nice on sore muscles, huh? you know you could just use bengay zero degrees.
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we have breaking newnews. a federal judge has denied the request to put immediate access on the morning after pill. the judge called the government's request frivolous, however the july on his own has put a hold up noon on monday on his own original rule to go give the government time to seek review in the u.s. court of appea go give the government time to seek review in the u.s. court of appeals. officials at nasa are deciding to conduct an emergency spacewalk to fix radiator. >> and the mourning the death of andrew simpson. his body capsized during training for the america's cup yesterday. a recall to talk about at whole foods. it says it mixed up the labels on its vegan curry chicken salad and the version that includes
8:44 am
meat. the company says allergens like soy and eggs were not properly labeled. >> and an important day in new york city. the word trald trade centermis e hemisphere. the spire makes it 1776 feet tall. day by day we are hearing and learning more horrific claims about what happened to the three missing women this cleveland at the hands of ariel castro. prosecutors could go after the death penalty saying he operated a torture chamber in his home. so who was this man? i had the chance to talk to frank, castro's former brother-in-law, and it gave me insight into who he says castro really is. >> ariel castro is the type of person that if you didn't know him, you'd think he's one of the best guys around. he kept to himselves. if you waved at him, he waved
8:45 am
back. if you had anything to talk about, car, motorcycles, he can keep a conversation with you and seemed like he was such a friendly person. >> but over the decade, you allege that you are privy to the abuse that he leveled at his first wife and also potentially to the hands of their four children together. what did you see over the decades that made you concerned? >> everything that ever happened to her, she's always told us and from what i visualized and what i saw, she was never happy person. you can see that she was trapped. it's like she had nowhere to go. >> explain what it was like for you and other family members when you would visit ariel and grimilld ap. because what i read, you were confined to one room and the movements of visitors very limited.
8:46 am
>> that is correct. almost like he really didn't want nobody visiting. if you showed up unexpected, i mean, it's like you need to come back later. he was the type person that if you did go in the house, it seemed like you weren't wanted. like hi and bye. we're busy, we have something to do. and just the way he expressed himself and talked to us. we caught on pretty quick. >> can you explain what type of father he was? what did you witness of how he treated his kids over the years? >> he was a father that was really strict. i remember when his daughters were born, he didn't want nobody touching his daughters. i mean, he was strict like that. i think he was old fashioned and if he felt there was a problem, he'd let you know. and i believe from everything they seen their other go through, the children, mentally
8:47 am
they were really messed up. >> you've specifically talked about years of alleged abuse that your sister-in-law was subjected to at the hands of ariel castro. but she died last year of an - inoperable brain tumor. looking back do you feel remorse that you weren't more forceful in trying to get per out of the situation earlier on? >> we do feel bad because throughout the years it was one of those things where they would argue and get back together and after a while, we'd try to defend her. and knowing that she was going to go back with him, you know, we'd just give up and say we already knew the routine. but we do feel bad for not looking a little more into it. >> frank, thanks for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. all right. still ahead for you this hour, a very moving moment. take a look at this. prince harry in uniform at arlington national cemetery. royal watcher ben vogel will
8:48 am
join me live to talk about the prince's u.s. tour. but first, today's producers pick for you. kobe bryant and his mom in a legal wrangling over his high school memorabilia. she wants to sell mementos. now bryant claims he never gave his mom permission despite the fact that she's already gotten a six figure advance on the stuff. and there is more. you can read more about what she wants to put up on the block on our facebook page or on twitter. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway.
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prince harry just met with wounded fellow vets at walter reed medical center in bethesda, maryland. before that he laid a wreath at
8:52 am
the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. >> present arms! ♪ >> you see prince harry dressed in his royal air force uniform, before that solemn ceremony, he also visited the graves of soldiers buried at arlington. next he'll fly off to colorado springs for the 2013 warrior games where more than 200 servicemen and women from the u.s. and britain will compete. nbc news special london based correspondent ben fogle joins me in studio. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> it's an interesting week for harry because this is considered an official visit so explain what's the purpose of harry's visit to the states this time around. >> it's two-fold and one way he's a great ambassador for the uk, and representing the british isles out here and on the other
8:53 am
hand it's forging those ties between u.s. injured soldiers and british injured soldiers. the focus is the warrior games taking place in colorado springs and it's sort of like the paralympics, a mixed sporting event for soldiers, veterans who are suffering from injuries and he's been a supporter in the uk of the wounded warrior plan, help for heroes. he's laying the wreath, visiting injured soldiers in hospital, this is what he's really passionate about. >> this is a charity and work close to his heart because of his life but he was in washington as you point out yesterday talking about something that's really close to his mom's heart. >> he kind of represents, he's the patron of a number of different charities and the halo trust that tries to get rid of land mines and he has inherited
8:54 am
that, taken on that role so he was raising awareness. we often see harry the party boy get into trouble a little bit but this is where he really shines and really comes into his own by representing the charities and representing the royal family. >> we like to move forward but we can't without taking a minor brief look at the fact the last time he was here that unofficial trip in vegas he got just a minor trouble from but you know. >> we're all young. everyone's young and actually in the uk i think a lot of people thought good on harry. he's got that image and everyone has to grow up, it happens that prince harry is in the spotlight, it's the family he grew up in. >> it's all about what's moving forward, that's why the windshield on our cars sore big, it's what's ahead of us, not the rear view mirror, the little thing. >> already what we're seeing of this fantastic brieginning of t tour he'll be here for another five days or so, he's doing a
8:55 am
fantastic job at papering over the last visit he had here, and supporting soldiers for which he's really passionate about. >> he's authentically liked it. we hope his trip goes well and certainly looked like the first lady enjoyed his time at the white house the other day. i know you leave for colorado springs. that's going to wrap things up for me today. thank you for your time. see you back here at 11:00 a.m. eastern on monday. "now alex wagner" is coming up with the intrepid luke russert filling in. >> thomas, how are you sir? president obama refocuses his message on the economy while republicans try to renew the debt ceiling debate. we'll talk deficit plus the house gets set for another groundhog day vote to repeal obama care. we'll preview the gop's 38th attempt at the administration's challenges for selling the affordable care act and tom
8:56 am
brokaw joins us for the discussion on the most burdened generation milennials. thomas it was great meeting your mom, my friend, quite a lady. >> that's great. this might get bumpy. red hot deal days are back. don't waste another minute. it's red hot deal days. get the droid razr m by motorola in white for free. everything droid does in a compact design. or the droid razr hd by motorola in white, with google voice search that understands you the first time. just $49.99. hurry in, sale ends may 12th. powerful devices. powerful network. verizon. and you'll dump your old mop. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria.
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to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] cash rules everything around d.c., budget battles. tom brokaw on milennials? you can't gerrymander this show. it's friday, may 10 and this is "now." i'm luke russert in for my celebrity look-alike alex wagner. president obama is looking to steer the national dialogue back to jobs and economy at a time when he has some wind in his sails. speaking in texas he called for more government spending and tax reform. >> when you're talking to your
9:00 am
members of congress or talking to elected officials, you've got to remind them we don't want government to do everything for us but it's got a role to play on infrastructure, basic research, making sure we've got a tax system that's fair. >> the president could get some help from a range of encouraging economic news. the dow reached a record-breaking 15,000 points this week, the april jobless rate ticked down to 7.5% following months of strong hiring and the treasury department reported the largely monthly surplus since 2008 with tax revenue coming in higher than expected. the extra cash means the annual budget gap will fall below $1 trillion. paul krugman writes "bad news for dr. evil fans. the days of $1 trillion deficits are over. in fact, the deficit is falling fast." it also means the government will only hit the debt limit this fall rather than later this month but the gop, they're already gearing up for that fight.

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